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    We are a financial services company duly regulated and registered by the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC). We have five wholly-owned subsidiaries; Wealth Management, Stockbrokerage, Registrars & Probates, Trustees and Financial Advisory all crafting specially for you a personalised wealth-building experience.
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Securities Trading

Meristem Stockbrokers Limited provides easy access to on-line brokerage account and allow clients monitor trades real-time via web and mobile platforms. Learn more.

Wealth Management

Meristem Wealth Management Limited has grown consistently over the years and is currently in excess of 188 billion naira as at December 2017. Learn more.

Investment Banking

Meristem Capital Limited brings to the table, effective solutions tailored towards your specific need to help achieve your strategic goals. Learn more.

Registrar Services

Meristem Registrars & Probate Services Limited operates an automated share registration service that offers our clients efficient and reliable services. Learn more.

Trustee Services

Meristem Trustees Limited simplifies trusteeship through skilled staff, providing solutions to our clients through personalized services. Learn more.



Our Products

  • MeriTrade

    MeriTrade is an online real-time Stock Broking platform that allows users trade all stocks available on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

  • Meriboss

    Our Platform which enables Brokers execute brokerage and client management Activities Online on behalf of their clients.

  • Meri-Fixed Deposit

    We offer no-risks fixed deposit over specific periods of time (30,90 & 180 days) at a fixed interest rate.

  • Bonds

    Bid for Primary Market Auctions. Trade OTC transactions.

  • More Products

    Visit the Meristem Stockbrokers website for more products.


    Fixed Term Investment Portfolio is a short – term placement of funds with a guarantee on capital plus a pre-agreed rate of return tied to the prevailing money-market rates.


    Meristem Nigerian Treasury Bill: At Meristem, we afford investors the opportunity to partake in the Federal Government treasury bills investments.

  • MBIS

    Mersitem Bond Investment Service is a long term debt instrument issued by an entity (company or government) that has an evidence of a “promise to pay” and the duration is usually more than one year.

  • Money Market Mutual Funds

    The Fund invests in low risk short-term securities such as Government securities, Bank placements and others including Commercial Papers and promissory notes.

  • More Products

    Visit the Meristem Wealth website for more products.

  • Registrar To Private Placement/IPO

    We manage the register of subscribers in SEC approved Capital raise projects through a robust technology-driven system backed with exceptional relationship management

  • Registrar Mandate/Acquisition

    This service is for companies looking to have their register of members maintained by an independent third party.

  • Probate Management Service

    This is a formal legal process of transferrring the assets of the deaceased to the beneficiaries.

  • Meri-Reg Direct

    Enables subscribers easily track certificates, bonuses and outstanding dividends from any intenet enabled device.

  • More Products

    Visit the Meristem Registrars website for more products.

  • Financial Advisory Services

    We assist companies to develop and pursue their strategic and growth objectives by providing financial advisory services.

  • Capital Raising Services

    We advise companies desirous of raising capital (Debt/Equity) on the full range of options available to them

  • SMEs Advisory Services

    We believe that equipping SMEs with good business advice is the best and most constructive way to drive growth in Nigeria.

  • Power/Infrastructure Advisory Services

    We provide advisory and capital raising services to companies in the power sector by leveraging on our extensive knowledge of the industry.

  • Meristem Diaspora Trust

    We act as agents for Nigerians in Diaspora by partnering with the right professionals to deliver projects to set standards.

  • Estate Planning

    The product provides clients with a plan that ensures that their assets are properly managed and administered according to their wishes.

  • Meristem Education Continuity Fund

    This product creates a pool of funds that ensures the continuity of a child’s solid education regardless of any contigency

  • Asset Debenture

    Asset Debenture is for Corporate bodies who wish to enjoy credit facilities from one or more financial partners.

  • More Products

    Visit the Meristem Trustees website for more products.

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Our Board of Directors bring their seasoned experiences into the affairs of reputable service that we offer. Their insight is always precise and valued, perfecting a symbiosis of reliable leadership with actionable support.

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