Brokerage Services

Meristem Stockbrokers Limited (MSBL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Meristem Securities Limited (MSL). MSBL is a member of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), and is licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in Nigeria. MSBL has remained a leading player in Nigeria’s competitive investment market with a solid reputation as a highly professional and client-centric brokerage firm.

We provide holistic stockbroking and research services to a wide array of clients across the African continent, Europe & USA. MSBL has consistently ranked amongst the top 10 leading brokerage firms in the Nigerian Capital Market since 2008. We have successfully acted as the Stockbroker and Broker-Dealer to major primary and secondary markets transactions in the Nigeria Capital Market.

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Investment Banking Services

Meristem Capital Limited is the Investment Banking subsidiary of Meristem Securities Limited. We offer varied services which can be broadly grouped into three (3):

  • Capital market services;
  • Financial advisory services.
  • Capital Raising (Debt and/or Equity)

We stand for client bonding and value creation as our professional deal team brings to the table effective solutions tailored towards your specific need to help achieve your strategic goals.

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Registrars Services

In line with the vision of Meristem Securities Limited, to be a distinct and preferred financial services provider, Registrars was set up as a bold step towards the achievement of the financial services integration objective of Meristem Group.

Fully equipped for the challenges in the market, she operates an automated Share registration services with state of the art computers and software that offer her clients efficient, accurate and reliable services. She has strict service levels, confidentiality policies throughout our business and operate within industry requirements and regulatory guidelines.  

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Wealth Management Services

Our Wealth Management Services are customized and dedicated to help our clients preserve, grow and sustain their assets and entrench the family values. We participate actively to relieve them of their financial burdens and worries by developing strategies that help in the realization of their most cherished investments, business and family goals.

Our primary objective is to bond with our clients; to be the change that our clients need and the agent that preserves, grows and sustains their wealth through a systematic and structured process directed at generating alpha (extra risk-adjusted return) while focusing on the downside risk.

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Trustees Services

With a mission to simplify trusteeship through skilled staff with passion for our work turning same to forte providing solutions to the challenges of our numerous clients through personalized services, our services include Private Trust & Corporate Trust.

Private Trust:
We aid Individuals manage their assets through the following:

  • Living Trusts;
  • Custodial/Nominee Services;
  • Custodial/Nominee Services;
  • Administration of Estate.
  • Trust Settlement/Endowment Scheme

Corporate Trust
The following are the Corporate Trust Services which we offer:

  • Security and Debenture Trust
  • Company Secretarial Services
  • Trustees to Employee Benefit Schemes
  • Trust Settlement/Endowment Scheme

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Investment Research

Meristem Research is an independent market intelligence unit of Meristem Securities Limited, with focus coverage on the Nigerian economy and financial markets. The unit offers strategic insights, as well as value-driven investment advisory services into (3) core asset classes: Equity, Fixed income and Real Estate. We also provide bespoke analysis and opinions on private equity investments.

Leveraging on its strength as a knowledge bank, coupled with its acclaimed position as the fore research firm in the industry, the unit has expanded its services to include:

  1. Training services
  2. Retainership services
  3. White-label research services

The unit is known as a center of excellence, with a reputation for developing strong analysts who deliver quality analysis to unearth value for investment purposes.

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Service Channels


The first Nigerian online stock trading platform which allows users to buy and sell stocks on the Nigerian Stock Exchange on the go from any location.


A robust capital market agency platform that enables Brokers, Sub-Brokers execute brokerage and order capital market activities.

Meri FX

The first Naira denominated FOREX and CFD trading platformAllows you trade Gold, Oil, Global Stocks + Indices, and FX using our currency.

Meri GiftCard/Box

These platforms enable you give gifts in form of shares and mutual funds. Choose from a range of securities and mutual funds and gift them to your loved ones